Headaches can steal your life

Headaches can steal your life… a little at a time. Thankfully, headaches usually respond well to our treatment options.

As a teen, I had frequent severe headaches. My parents took me to multiple medical doctors, ran tests, and tried several medications. Nothing worked. The headaches were so severe that I would miss sports, school and work.Eventually I went to see a chiropractor for a back injury. To my amazement, the chiropractic treatment eliminated the headaches! I was overjoyed. It was primarily due to this experience that I decided to become a chiropractor. To this day, I love helping patients with frequent or severe headaches.

At our office we offer a wide range of treatment options that we combine to obtain best results for headaches.  Our headache treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach.  Each patient with headaches is unique so your treatment will be planned specifically to address your needs.”  You may respond best our gentle corrective chiropractic care or our painless acupuncture.

Acupuncture treatment for headaches is usually very successful. Migraines, sinus and tension type headaches can be treated with acupuncture. This is also one of the primary reasons I began to study acupuncture more than two decades ago. I realized that acupuncture could be such a tremendous benefit for so many patients that were not being helped by traditional medical treatment. I sought out the best acupuncture teachers I could find. I have since continued my study of the scientific aspects of acupuncture.

Chiropractic and acupuncture are highly complementary treatments. I have better results as a chiropractor due to my understanding of acupuncture. Likewise, I see better results from acupuncture as a result of being trained as a chiropractic physician.

With the wide array of treatment options that are available at our clinic, it is unusual for a patient with headaches not to respond beautifully to the treatments. I continue to enjoy working with patients with headaches to find the best treatment options.”

Dr. Mark Kestner

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