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How does Dr. Kestner treat joint pain such as TMJ (jaw), shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, feet and hands?
A patient recently came to our office about shoulder pain. He had been to see his primary care doctor. To his surprise, his doctor referred him to see Dr. Kestner. This may surprise some readers, but we receive referrals from doctors, therapists, surgeons, and dentists for shoulders, TMJ, knees, feet, ankles, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and many other joint and muscle problems. Another patient was recently referred here by her dentist for TMJ (jaw joint) pain. She had gone to the dentist, thinking that he could help. The dentist explained that the jaw is a joint, and dental care was not the answer. She found that within a short time after beginning care with Dr. Kestner her jaw pain that had been bothering her for months had resolved.

Dr. Kestner evaluates the function of the affected joint, the muscles that are attached to the joint, the nerves that may be involved. He then works to find a solution that will improve function and relieve pain. Dr. Kestner has received post-graduate training in diagnosis and treatment of injuries and painful conditions involving all joints. He has had many years of experience working with joint problems related to sports, athletics, work-related injuries, accidental injuries, chronic pain such as frozen shoulder or carpal tunnel conditions.

Dr. Kestner has worked with joint problems in children, adolescents, high-school and NCAA collegiate athletes, Olympians and professional athletes. He also has worked successfully with senior citizens and others that have pain related to arthritis conditions.

With manual treatment, rehab, or acupuncture, the solution for most joint pain can be achieved. No drugs are used, so there is no risk of drug side effects. In all cases we work to avoid the need for surgery if possible. Patients are often very surprised to realize when pain that has been present for months or years begins to improve. Results will vary, but most patients begin to see improvement soon after beginning treatment.

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