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Spinal Disc Injury


Spinal Disc Injury

How does Dr. Kestner help spinal discs?

Dr. Kestner has been treating spinal disc injuries for three decades. Here is what he has to say about treating spinal discs.

“In my opinion, after researching various methods of treating spinal disc injuries for almost 30 years, the treatment protocols that we utilize in the clinic including “flexion-distraction” and “computer-assisted, non-surgical spinal disc decompression” utilizing the state-of-the-art HillDT Spinal Decompression Therapy device are without a doubt the safest, most effective treatments available. This treatment is so comfortable that practically anyone can tolerate it easily, even patients in significant pain. In many cases, patients may realize that their condition is improving immediately after the initial treatment.


The specialized flexion-distraction equipment is designed to gently apply distraction while the lower back is in motion, easing the pressure on the spinal disc. This begins to immediately reduce the pressure on the nerve.


The HillDT Spinal Decompression Therapy device gently relieves pressure on the spinal discs, bringing welcome relief to the patient quickly. Importantly, our protocols are created with the intention of producing long-lasting results.

The combination of “flexion-distraction” and computer-assisted, non-surgical spinal disc decompression addresses multiple factors involved with acute and chronic spinal issues.

Other treatments, including medications, injections, exercise therapy and even surgery, often fail to adequately resolve pain originating from the structures of the spine. By addressing multiple factors that can help restore normal function, alignment and position of the spinal discs our protocols can be used for herniated, ruptured, bulging or deteriorating spinal discs.

I encourage anyone with back or neck pain or other pain related to the spine such as sciatica or pinched nerve to take the time to consult with us about the incredibly safe and effective options available at our clinic."

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