One of the most advanced pain treatments that has been developed in this century is the application of cold laser in the treatment of painful conditions.

Dr. Mark Kestner has been involved with evaluating numerous laser devices over the past decade.  He also serves on the Medical Board of the MicroLight Corporation, one of the most innovative companies that has literally been a pioneer in the field of medical laser including laser pain treatment research and development.

Watch how the ML830 LASER is used to treat pain in our office for a patient suffering from persistent pain even after 5 ankle surgeries:

In the following video, the laser treatment is applied to a very common problem known as Piriformis Pain.  The treatment was very effective:

These are just a couple of examples of how the innovative laser pain treatment can be applied.  We have found that this technology is a wonderfully useful addition to the other safe and effective treatment options available in our office.

Here is a video of the remarkable ML830 LASER treatment being applied to a case of trigger finger and tendinitis:

Lasers are used in many areas of medical care.  The laser devices used in our clinic are known as Cold Lasers.  This term is to designate that the laser device does not cause heat, as a surgical laser would.  There is absolutely no risk of harm to the tissue.  Lasers have been shown to aid in healing damaged tissue as well as reducing pain and the inflammation response.

There is a very wide range of laser devices available for medical treatment.  Some are extremely low powered, essentially the same as a toy or laser pointer.   There are also lasers being used in clinics that are extremely powerful.  Although these extra-powerful lasers, sometimes called Class IV lasers, can be used beneficially for injuries, they also expose the patient to more risk than is acceptable.  Dr. Mark Kestner has researched and evaluated lasers that he has found to be too low-power and therefore ineffective as well as lasers that emit too much intensity and were therefore excluded due to safety concerns.  In our clinic we use only Class III ML830 Smart Lasers as we have found through our research and experience that these devices offer exceptional combination of effectiveness and safety.


As a result of serving on the Medical Board of a premier laser development company, Dr. Mark Kestner has interaction and input from other medical professionals with a wide range of backgrounds in utilizing the innovative technology of laser devices to treat patients.  This kind of experience and professional background is of significant value in developing successful treatment methods.  This creates an advantage for our patients!


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