DoctorsWe routinely receive referrals from medical physicians and other healthcare professionals as well as patients that have benefited from our care.  We have received hundreds of new patient referrals from PHYSICIANS and other healthcare specialists over the years and continue to receive medical referrals each week!

We are very appreciative of the referrals from enthusiastic patients of their friends and family members. Thank you to our patients that share their stories with

others. Referring others to our office is the greatest compliment we could ever hope to receive.

We routinely receive referrals from primary care doctors, surgeons, therapists and other healthcare professionals in the Murfreesboro area. Medical physicians and surgeons have often referred their own family members to see Dr. Kestner. (Dozens of area physicians, nurses and other medical professionals are actually patients at our office - some coming from a considerable distance away for the unique care that we offer!)

Insurance Referrals

If you believe that a referral is necessary for your insurance company, this can be arranged after your initial consultation. Since Dr. Mark Kestner is a licensed Chiropractic Physician, in most cases referrals are not required.

Referrals to other specialists

If it is determined that you need the care of a different kind of specialist during the consultation or treatment, we will be glad to make a referral for you. Dr. Kestner refers to all medical specialties when appropriate. We rely on a network of many types of specialists in and around Murfreesboro and Nashville that we have found to be helpful for our patients.

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